Fall asleep fast with a mental exercise and a sleep timer for nature sounds


Fall asleep fast with a mental exercise and a sleep timer for nature sounds

Hard to fall asleep?

From snoring neighbours, to stressing about next day's exam or meeting, to just generally feeling restless and having mind full of thoughts.  

We at SoundShade had experienced all of these too, and wanted to help – asmuch as we can.

In our latest upgraded app update, we included a sleep timer, so you could select a perfect relaxing nature sound mix and let the phone go to sleep with you.

Of course timer is one thing, and actually falling asleep is another. If you feel restless, try our sounds with relaxing meditation and mental exercises, like the one below. We wish you very sweet dreams! :)   

Get into sleeping mode

1. Select a lovely mix that suits your mood.

Our favorite right now is the new nocturnal Nordic Midsummer with creaking boat, distant owls and gentle birds. It feels like lying in a hammock under a warm blanket on a beautiful, clear summer night. If you don't have the app yet, you can get it here (iPhone, iPad).

2. Set up the timer for 15-20 minutes and lock the screen (the sounds will keep playing in the background).

3. Agree with yourself that it's time for bed. You don't need your phone until the morning, so set it aside. 

Relaxation exercise

A mental sleeping journey – read and follow yourself, or read in a calm, unhurried voice to someone who has troubles falling asleep. 

Find a comfortable position. Unlock hands and relax shoulders. Relax your neck.

Close your eyes and calm your breath. Think how good it feels to breath in... and out... Pause for a second.... and then In... and out... and pause...  

Listen to the sounds. What do you hear? Let the sounds float gently into your consciousness.

Fill your chest with air. Breath in slowly. Breath out. Feel how your chest rises up and down...

Get into a calm rhythm. Gently and slowly up... then down.... up... down. 

Sounds bring something to mind... some colors, dots and shapes, maybe. Let the image stay blurry before your closed eyelids. Allow the soft shapes float freely in your mind. 

If other things come in mind, acknowledge that they did and focus back on the sounds. 

Concentrate on sounds. Let them just be there. 

Let go of any unfinished business. All can wait until tomorrow. 

Open your palms and relax your fingers and toes. Relax your mouth and part your lips a bit. Let a yawn come out if you want. Feel how your facial expression calms down. 

Allow yourself to breath in and out slowly. You are doing it right. 

Focus on the sounds; imagine yourself watching the rain or listening to the owls by the river. The image is blurry and feels warm and cosy. 

Clear your mind. When something else comes into mind, acknowledge that it did and let the thought go. Hear the sounds again. 

Let the sounds sooth you. In... and out... In... and out... Just sounds and your breath.

Feel how your eyelids become heavy. Your feet... legs... back... chest... feel heavy too. All your muscles are relaxes. Your body feels warm and right. You're doing it right. 

Allow yourself gently drift into sleep... Your breath is long and calm.  In... and out.... In... and out... 




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NEW! SoundShade APP for AppleTV


NEW! SoundShade APP for AppleTV

Listen to nature sounds with SoundShade's Apple TV App (5.1 surround sound)

Hi! We are very happy to announce that SoundShade is now available on Apple TV. This means you can now enjoy the benefits of all of our sounds right on your couch. Turn your living room into a relaxing Autumn forest or add a cosy open fireplace to your room. 

What's more, SoundShade for Apple TV is compatible with your home's 5.1 surround sound system. Meaning that you can now immerse yourself in  a calming sound world right at home, without the need for headphones!

Stand by for more information.