The Winter holidays, a time spent snug in warm houses with friends and family. No home is more warm than that of our childhood, family home; even the memory of such a place gives a comforting feeling deep within.

The Christmas of 2014 saw me return back to England, my home-land; I would spend 3 long weeks in the comfort of my mothers home. Though it is not my childhood home and with time on my hands and thoughts in my mind I was able to pay attention to this new house; the smells and most importantly the sounds.

Lying in the living room watching the T.V. my mother would wander in and out and one time she did, I could hear an intriguing sound coming from the kitchen, so I muted the T.V. and listened.

A pot was bubbling and boiling away on the stove and the washing machine was running its fast cycle. I was instantly transported back to my childhood where I used to play with my toys in the living room, by the kitchen door watching my mother do the things mothers do. Although I did not pay attention to the sounds then, now they are firmly imprinted in my memory and they are able to bring back a flood of happy warm feelings.

The English Kitchen SoundShade will be available in the new update coming in March.

Photo Credit Susan Serra