SoundShade's iPhone / iPad app update. Get yours from the App Store.

As we all settle into a summer spirit with the unknown ahead of us, we decided it would be the perfect time to update SoundShade. The new update bunch adds improvements to SoundShade's key features so that it is better equipped to help you focus, relax and create.

What's new?

Sleep Timer

The most requested addition is here! After great anticipation from our followers we have implemented the much desired sleep timer.

Setting up specific focus time for work (we're thinking Pomodoro and similar), falling to sleep or just having a relaxing personal background sound for a while, is now even more effortless. It also comes with a cool animation effect that really brings the feature to life.


Now you can pause the currently playing mix of sounds – another excellent wish from many of you. As a side tip: to clear a sound from the stage either long-tap on the sound hexagon to reveal "x" or just head to the sound library and unselect sounds from the list. 

Nordic Midsummer Sound Pack

Being based in Finland, we are currently enjoying long summer nights and nocturnal soundscapes. This sound pack aims to capture the feeling and the spirit of summer for everyone. The pack comes with 4 brand new sounds:

  • Lakeside Birds - A single black blackbird sings a morning call.
  • Boat Waves - Gentle waves lap against the hull of a sailing boat.
  • Boat Rigging - The light breeze breathes life into the boat's ropes and sails.
  • Owls - Hoot...Hoot...Hoot.

Here is a little teaser of the sound pack.

Sound Overhaul

Scott, our sound designer has been buried up to his neck in sound research and practicing new sound editing techniques. His findings have allowed him to overhaul most of the sounds in the SoundShade library, making them even more natural and pleasing to your ears.

Interface Alterations

With the new sleep timer implemented we had to rethink our interface design. Valeria, our visual design mastermind, and Valtteri, our interaction guru, set out to arrange all of your buttons and options in such a way that navigating through the SoundShade app is easier than stroking a sleeping cat.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our followers and users. We have has some beautiful comments about SoundShade and how it helps people in their lives weather it be from simply sleeping or being part of a musical performance. Your stories and experiences are important to us so keep them coming in.

Don't forget good ratings help the app improve as time goes on, so be generous in the app store reviews. :) If you feel something is missing, please contact us directly.

Take care! 
The SoundShade Team