SoundShade is there to create perfect mood with lovely, freely mixable natural sounds. We're currently testing, a bit under radar, a new way to enjoy and control sounds in public rooms. Check this mini info page for SoundShade Pro, if you want a sneak peak. As for this, anything related to interior design, offices, deco and design is close to our hearts. 

To cut short, we had plenty of excellent reasons to jump on the plane and to visit Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016 (and Stockholm itself). Here's the first quick recap: 

These 10 trends caught our attention:

  1. Soft, wooly, sound absorbing furniture
  2. Ergonomic, nest-like seats with XL-high-back
  3. Creative ways to divide and decorate spaces, while reducing noise
  4. Pastels
  5. Solid shades, especially forest green, orange and turquoise 
  6. Plenty of fresh flowers
  7. Big, naked lightbulbs
  8. Touch of 50's: small, elegant furniture with round corners
  9. Compact, fully equipped meeting room spaces
  10. Furniture with embedded light
    + Hexagons. Everywhere. Yes! (We love hexagons, could you tell?) 

How does this sound to you? 

PS. A more detailed Furniture Fair 2016 recap post with references and new photos coming soon :)