SoundShade for Apple TV

SoundShade for Apple TV

SoundShade for iPhone & iPad

SoundShade for iPhone & iPad

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Get SoundShade to

  • Relax with your own mix of quality nature sounds
  • Create your own soundscapes
  • Recommended with iPad/iPhone app + headphones:
    Focus while in a noisy or distracting environment

All SoundShade Apps

Listen for hours – High-quality seamless sounds for effortless listening. Great for work, on the plain, for commuting... 

Templates – 34 carefully crafted sounds are organised into ready-to-listen templates. Each sound has been designed with comfort in mind.

Research-based sound design – The design of the sounds is based on research about how unwanted noise causes a drop in working performance.

Binaural Surround Sound with headphones (HRTF) – Move the sounds around you 360 degrees to find the perfect positions.

Spatial sound – Volume and Distance of the sounds are linked, giving a more natural sound.

iPad & iPhone App

Favorites – Name, save and share your personal SoundShades.

Optimised for headphones – Many models of headphones were testing during the sound mastering process to give the best overall quality of listening.


Please note that our SoundShade Apps for iPhone, iPad and AppleTV are for personal use. Please contact us if you are interested to use our application or part of it in public or for commercial purposes.