This page aims to give you a better understanding on how to use SoundShade. Lets get right into it. Buttons of interest are indicated by  a small blue dot.

The first page after the loading screen is what we call the 'SoundStage'. Click the large '+' button in the center of the screen, or the smaller one in the bottom left, to head over to the sound library.

This screen shows all the sounds available to you. You can play an entire theme with a click of it's respective play button - to the right of it's name...

...this will highlight all the sounds in this theme to let you know they are playing. Hit the stop button and the whole theme will stop.

Alternatively, you can add individual sounds to create a personal mix. Simply click on the icon to play it and add it to the SoundStage. Press it once more to turn it off. You can simultaneously turn off all sounds from one theme with the stop buttons.

Now, let's press the 'Back' button in the top right corner to check out your SoundStage.

Here we have the sounds we added (from the previous image) on our SoundStage. Try moving each hex around your phone screen.

Your position is indicated by the head in the center of the screen. Moving a sound further away from this point will reduce its volume. Move it closer and the volume will increase. Move sounds left or right of the head to position them in the left or right headphone.

In iOS 8 and up moving the sounds to be below the head will simulate the sound to be subtly behind you. This allows you to play around and find the perfect positon of your sounds.

Not happy with one of the sounds you added? Just press and hold that sound hexigon and a small 'X' will appear. Press the 'X' and it will remove that sound from your SoundStage.

Once your'e happy with the mix of your sounds it's time to save your mix for easy access next time. Press the 3 dots at the botton center of the screen... you have access to the Main Menu. From here you're able to access the 'Favorites Page' by pressing the heart shape in the bottom right of the screen.

Simply name your shade by pressing in the 'Name your Shade' area. Once you have named your Shade you can press the 'Add to Favorites' button that appears and you will have saved what you created.

From here you can play and stop the mixes that are in your list. Simply press the play or stop button that is to the right of the name.

Now, you can share what you have made with your friends and show them what you love to listen to. Press the Share button to do so.

Pressing the share button will open a screen similar to the one below. It will vary depending on your iOS version and the apps you have installed. Choose how and where you want to share, then follow the standard steps that are required from the chosen app.

Let's head back to the SoundStage screen for one final tip. Choose a Favourite mix to play and then click the 'Back' button in the top left of the screen. Or, another way to change screens it to simply swipe from the edge of the screen with a single finger to the left or right, depending on what screen you want to see. In this case we want to go left, so swipe from the left edge of the screen to the right.

OK. Now you have a sound mix playing. You can easily delete all of the sounds from your SoundStage by going into the main menu (3 dots at the bottom of the screen) and pressing on the trash-can icon. This will clear your SoundStage and you can make a new mix from scratch.

Don't worry though, your favorite is still saved and you can access it any time by going to the favorites page.

The image below shows a blank SoundStage. Add new sounds by clicking on the '+' button or swiping from the left edge of the screen to right. But you already new that, didn't you ;)

The images for this how-to guide were taken from the full version of SoundShade. The full version lets you mix any sound in the app with any other. Press the 'i' icon in the main menu bar and you will be able to unlock the full version.

If you need to change phones, dont worry! You can download the app again and come to the info page by pressing the 'i' button in the menu bar and as long as you are logged in to the same Apple account that you bought the app with originally, you will see a 'Restore purchases' button. Press this and the full version of the app will be restored.

Thanks for reading!

We hope this How-to-guide was of use in getting you started with SoundShade and answered any questions you might have with using the app.


Oh...One more Thing

In the Sound Library, try clicking on the actual name-text of the themes...You can add sounds as normal from here too ;)