Relax and Improve focus

30 soothing sounds, arranged as you like, will help improve focus and relieve stress. Place them around you in 360 degree surround sound and free yourself from the distractions around you.



Listen to all of the sounds that come with SoundShade free of charge, including: rain, birds, ocean, purring cat and many other sounds of nature. Plus 4 different types of noise, including white and pink noise. With the option to unlock extra features.






SoundShade's user feedback from the AppStore.

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Very nice implementation of relaxing sounds. I like that you can place sounds anywhere, any distance or any angle 360 degrees around yourself as the center! Creative use of sound app!
— ★★★★★ User, US
This app is the first ambient sound app I’ve gotten excited about, being able to control the distance from the sound in 3D space is an excellent feature. I can’t wait for updates!
— ★★★★★ User, US
— ★★★★ User, Japan
This has to be the best ambient mixer I have encountered. The sounds are soothing and gentle. Very glad to have found this.
— ★★★★★ User, US
I find this app really fun to play with. It is kinda easy to discover all features from the app. Strongly recommend, guys!
— ★★★★★ User, US
Cool! Nice app to create a cosy atmosphere! Great job!
— ★★★★ User, France