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Improve focus with SoundShade. Soothing sounds of nature to reduce stress caused by the distracting noises around you.

SoundShade is a simple ambient audio application that allows you to arrange and listen to your favorite relaxing sounds, and mask those that are distracting and annoying. The application is currently available as a free App Store download. 

SoundShade is perfect for office workers, students, creatives and anyone who wants to improve focus when they need to concentrate.

The application lets you create your own personal sound environments on a mobile device. This allows listeners to reduce distractions caused by annoying noises, often found in open-plan spaces, and lets them focus on what is really important. The aim of SoundShade is to increase the well being of workers, increase productivity & performance whilst reducing stress.

Listeners can choose from existing templates or create their own mix by freely combining any of the 30 included sounds of nature and the environment. This unique application allows you to virtually place the sounds in your surroundings.(Available as an in app purchase) We recommend headphones for the true surround sound experience but the app can also be used without them.

Everything you hear in SoundShade has been carefully handcrafted based on existing research that studies the negative effect noise has on work performance; such as reading, writing and numeric tasks. This means you wont be distracted or tired by SoundShade. This results in effortless listening - allowing you to remain focused for longer, listening to your favorite sounds.

Why SoundShade?

SoundShade was created by and for workers and students. Our team wanted to craft a beautiful and useful "focus companion" that would be there when background noise disturbs, music distracts or silence oppresses.  


SoundShade was released, worldwide, on the AppStore on 12.3.2015. The app is free to download, with possibility to unlock extra features. Compatible on iPhones and iPads with iOS 7 and up. SoundShade has been optimized for iOS 8.  


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