Calm down & Focus

For concentration and relaxing we all prefer different background sounds – stormy sea, atmospheric cafe, rainy summer night... That's why SoundShade app includes 30 high-quality environmental and natural sounds and 4 noise sounds for you to choose and mix from. Got a sound idea? Drop a line.

Looking what's in it? Find below a list of SoundShade sounds, a current featured sound theme and audio samples.


Featured: English Kitchen

Boiling pot

The bubbling pot is capable of masking unwanted speech noise.

Frying Pan

The sizzling sound helps to cover up the speech noise.

Rain outside window

Heavy rain taps against the window.


Rolling with light thumps.


Nordic Midsummer

Boat waves

Tiny waves sleepily rock a small wooden boat.

Lakeside Birds

An early morning blackbird greets a new day.


Hoot... hoot... hoot...

Boat rigging

Soft cracking and groaning from the boats rigging.


Noise Pack

Japanese Garden

Small Wind Chime

Gentle tinkling fills the garden with refreshing melodies.

Japan Birds

Cheerfully chirping birds bring life to the garden.

Big Wind Chime

The deep tones of a wind chime sing across the air

Rock Fountain

The soothing trickle of a Japanese rock fountain.

Cosy Home

Cat Purrs

Cat Purrs

A sleeping cat always finds the most cosy place in the home.

Ticking clock

The ticking and tocking reminds us to resist procrastination.


The flickering flames radiate their calming heat.

Thunder Rumble

Comforting sounds of distant thunder arouses senses.

Contryside Cafe

Light Traffic

Faint afternoon traffic hums as you enjoy the cool country air.

Coffee Machine

The smell of fresh coffee fills the room, stimulating mind and body.

Humming Fridge

The monotonic hum of a fridge discreetly fills the empty silence.

Bird Bush

Young spring birds chatter, nested in their leafy homes.

Focus Field


Deep in the lush grasses a choir of insects harmonize under the sunshine.


A family of sheep casually bleat and graze in the sun.

Wind Whistle

As the wind plays with the wire fencing, melodic tones sing out.


Autumn Forest

Birg song

As the wind plays with the wire fencing, melodic tones sing out.

River Flowing Gently

A small river babbles, washing away distractions.

Rain on leaves

A rain shower emphasizes the invigorating, organic smells.


Waving leaves sway in a morning breeze, clearing our minds of clutter.

Rainy Street

Cars passing by

Hum and drone of occasional cars passing by.


Rainy Pavement

Heavy, warm shower soaks the streets.

Trains Passing

Long distance trains rush by.

Howling Wind

Wind speeds over and through the wet streets.

Stormy sea

Heavy waves

The distant waves swell and ebb to a gentle rythmn.

Waves on Rocks

A storm surges against the coast.

Gusty Wind

Gusty winds spray the ocean into the sandy cay.


Looking for more samples?

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